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Moving data centres can be challenging and resource intensive. Here are some reports and blogs to help with developing your colocation strategy.



Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Asia/Pacific, 2017


Managed cloud providers in Asia/Pacific are beginning to introduce early hybrid cloud capabilities. This Magic Quadrant helps infrastructure and operations leaders choose providers that can support their use cases and geographic requirements.

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Frost Industry Quotient (IQ)

Asia Pacific Data Centre Service Providers, 2017


The explosive digital needs of emerging economies in Asia-Pacific and rising complexities within IT infrastructure have encouraged enterprises to increasingly look into adopting third-party data center services. Frost and Sullivan benchmarks the major data centre service providers in APAC in this report.

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CIO White Paper

De-risking Your Data Centre Migration


Your data centre is the beating heart of a modern organisation, containing critical systems and data that are vital to your operations. Transplanting it can be a risky operation as any issues could be detrimental to the organisation. However, with careful planning, the risks can be minimised and leave your data centre in a much healthier condition. Let us show you how.

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Get Confident

7 questions to ask your data center services provider


When discussing the topic of choosing a colocation provider, it has been my experience that there are often many unrealistic expectations and requirements being voiced as part of these discussions. It appears quite often that the customer is not really aware of what they need or should expect when choosing a colocation provider.

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Get the protection you need

The three do's of DDoS protection


Recognising the continuously increasing size and complexity of threats posed by DDoS attacks, you need to ensure that your service provider has the capability to counter and mitigate those threats utilising the most relevant protection mechanism for the particular attack vector.

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Get ready

Five things to prepare before your data centre move


Moving to a new data centre isn’t a decision to be taken lightly: it involves masses of equipment and a significant change-management exercise that invariably throws up surprises. You can minimise the chance of problems by paying careful attention to a few key areas in the lead up to your migration.

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Out of site, not out of mind


The thing with backup is that it has had the same kind of challenges for as long as I’ve been in the industry. Everyone knows they need it, yet only a percentage have something they are confident they could properly restore from.

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The levers to pull to make the Cloud work for you


As customers move more workloads into the cloud – or into a mix of cloud and managed systems that may or may not be hosted on-site – we find they are often looking for a greater level of assurance than that which can be found in a one-size-fits-all SLA. Learn how you can get the SLAs you need to make your cloud work for you.

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Colocation Costs

Colocation costs you should consider for your environment


When you’re talking about relocating the core of your business, however, you need more to go on than just a hunch. Thankfully, it’s not hard to build a solid business case by considering a range of costs that colocation affects.

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Network Operations Center

Is colocation a headache waiting to happen?


You already know colocation is a great way to save yourself the headaches of providing top-tier communications, cooling, power conditioning and the other things that a modern data centre needs. But what do you do when you need to reroute a network cable, physically restart a server or hot-swap a failed hard drive?

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Data Cages

Less costly alternative to data cages


Cages physically separate a company’s servers from others in the data centre, and allow companies to add other equipment, such as a desk to support onsite workers. Yet cages aren’t for everybody: despite their strength, data cages take up large amounts of precious data centre real estate.

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AWS Direct Connect

Bridge your private and public cloud environments


Cloud’s earliest adopters were told - and sold - the benefits of shifting most of their workloads into a single cloud platform. But it is fair to say many enterprises now would be wary or uncomfortable with that degree of lock-in, not least because of the difficulties involved in moving everything in.

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